Experience the excitement of the Port Lincoln Cup in the heart of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula!

Welcome to the world of horse racing in Port Lincoln, a town where the legacy of horseracing resonates through its very core. As the proud hometown of Makybe Diva, one of Australia’s most celebrated thoroughbreds, Port Lincoln has horseracing in its blood. The Port Lincoln Cup, South Australia’s premier regional horse racing event, is a testament to this rich heritage and the passion that powers it.

Hosted by the Port Lincoln Racing Club, the Cup brings together the thrill of the race, the elegance of fashion, and the spirit of community, making it a magnet for racegoers from across the country. It’s not just about the race; it’s a celebration of the sport, the history, and the vibrancy of Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

But the excitement of the most popular regional race on the calendar is just the beginning. The Eyre Peninsula, with its breathtaking coastline, is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Whether you’re here for the racing or the natural beauty, the Peninsula offers something for everyone. Dive into the clear waters for a swim with sea lions, explore the untamed wilderness, or relax on secluded beaches. And let’s not forget the fishing – after all, this is South Australia’s seafood frontier.

Combining the excitement of the Cup with the natural wonders of the Eyre Peninsula creates an unforgettable getaway. So whether you’re an avid racegoer or just looking for an adventure, make your way to Port Lincoln. Experience the race that stops the town, and discover the beauty that surrounds it. The Port Lincoln Cup awaits – are you ready for the thrill?

The Hilton Beachfront Motel welcomes visitors attending the cup – another exciting event on the Eyre Peninsula sporting calendar!

For more information on the schedule for the day and entry prices, contact the Port Lincoln Racing Club on Port Lincoln Race Club – Event